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FACT: Penguins are the world's funniest creatures. But what would happen if they lived in the UK?

We've taken actual scientific facts, plus environmental data from the UK, to see how potentially perilous your postcode is to penguins.



If a ship full of penguins magically arrived, SW1A 1AA would kill an estimated

water pollution score for local area
tonnes of hazardous waste per year

Food score:


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What is this?
This is Polish Off a Penguin, which answers the question no-one asked: if a boatload of penguins were set down in your street, would they survive?
Is it accurate?
...would you like to rephrase that question?
Is it realistic?
We do use accurate data from the Ordnance Survey and Environment Agency to come up with a number that is based on local water pollution, hazardous waste, and the local environment for the penguins' favourite food, shellfish.
What's the point?
The data's out there. Hardly anyone knows about it, let alone wants to spend hours looking through it. Our prototype's point is this: you can summarise information in lots of interesting ways — and people will want to play with it. Plus, penguins are cute.
It's broken!
Quite possibly. This is a prototype, coded in 24 hours' frenzy after getting the idea at Envhack, and there are almost certainly bugs. It won't work outside England, and may produce some interesting results where the original data is patchy.

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